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The Otcrit Family


Victor Koychev

Co-Founder and CEO

Experienced trader and a marketing expert, who’s worked on several Blockchain projects. He decided to start Otcrit in his attempts to take a different approach on providing investors with quality information and help the community receive more authentic project evaluations.


Kostadin Mehomiyski

CTO and Co-Founder

With over 10 years of professional experience in Java programming, Mobile and Web development and he is the leader of our tech team. His latest achievement has been the development of the trading platform for the multi-million dollar company Trading212. His experience will help Otcrit reach its boldest milestones.


Victor Desov

Co-founder & Project Manager

Victor first entered the crypto-world investing in Bitcoin and working for a crypto-mining company. He later became a researcher and investor of promising cryptos, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, while following the progress of the blockchain technology.


Peter Kostadinov

Back-end Developer

Peter is a back-end developer with over 12 years of experience in the field. He is no stranger to international projects, as he has taken part in creating one of the most successful European healthcare social networks.


Plamen Galinov

Web Developer

Plamen is a talented front-end developer with deep knowledge in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, etc. He is the youngest star of our team with a bright future ahead of him.


Anton Adamansky

Blockchain developer

Anton is a passionate programmer with over 15 years of experience as a software developer. He has worked with universities, large corporations and multiple startups. With his solid understanding of Ethereum and NEM, he's focused on building entire ecosystems on the blockchain.


Greg Grigorov

Lead Researcher

Greg is one of our digital asset researchers and data manager. His job is to collect and analyze public data about blockchain projects and startup companies. He is also managing inside project information regarding audits, exchange listings and benchmark services.


Nastya Olegovna

Community manager

Nastya is our social media community manager. She is very passionate about the fast growing blockchain technology, with years of experience in PR and managing social events. Any inquiries in Russian will be forwarded to her in our Russian Telegram group.


Ian Tyszka

Project analyst

An experienced researcher, with years of study in computer science and blockchain applications, from an academic standpoint. His background in marketing, manufacturing and sales, has given him a well rounded understanding of systems and dynamics in various industries.

Advisory board:


Krys Szkwarek

Financial Advisor

Krys is a financial auditor with experience in multiple large corporations such as Cargi and Coca Cola Hellenic. Graduated the University of Coventry (UK) and the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). Specializes in Financial, Operational, Compliance and Integrated Audits.


Sergej Stein

Advisor & Token sale manager

With a finance degree from Germany’s leading business school, Sergej is an expert in executing ICO campaigns. His company DLT Capital assists promising projects with a much needed experience to successfully initiate project launches and the last ICO he advised has raised over 16 million USD.

Jasmin Güngör

Jasmin Güngör

Local Advisor

For the last four years, Jasmin has been in the finance industry in Austria, especially dealing with the topic of crowdfunding and impact investing. At the same time she is a crypto enthusiast knowing Bitcoin since 2011. With her knowledge, she helps Otcrit establishing guidlines for reports and anticipating for future regulations.

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