Community reports are contributions from our community members and provide additional information about a project.
Business Analysis (POLY) (POLY)
Business plan analysis
Polymath is building a platform that is issuing security tokens on the blockchain. The native token of Polymath is POLY and the platform has created a standardized token protocol,
Competetive Analysis (MCO)
Competition analysis
Analyzing Monaco’s lead competitors – not only TenX and Centra as many believe, but actually the traditional credit card providers.
Industry Analysis (WABI)
Industry Analysis
Looking into the project, which is trying to tackle with counterfeit products in a world where fake goods are being produced with increasing accuracy and detail.
Trying to overcome one of the biggest barriers to widespread cryptocurrency adoption – the ability to buy, exchange, and spend fiat and cryptocurrencies at perfect interbank exchan
Industry Analysis (POWR)
Industry Analysis
Going through the past, present and future of PowerLedger – the project, which is giving electricity users the control and flexibility of their energy supply, while monitoring the
Partnership Analysis (VEN)
Partnerships Report
From PWC to the Gui’an Government – dissecting VeChain’s various partnerships and evaluating the true impact they may have on the project’s development.
Тhe team of one of the most famous ICOs out there is composed of Baltic nationals with prior experience in green tech companies.
Industry Analysis (MCO)
Industry Analysis
Monaco is trying to position itself in an industry with a great potential. The main aim is to help consumers use digital coins for day-to-day expenses.
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