Otcrit Token Sale
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Token sale
Our pre-sale has ended!
Thank you everybody for the participation and support.
For more information visit our telegram group or send us an email at [email protected]
Your Questions Answered
The total tokens distributed to the public will be 83% of the total supply of 100m. Our main and pre-sale will collectively sell 70% of the tokens, and 8% will be sent out in bounties for the next 1 year, for content creators, authors, found bugs, and other initiatives, during and after both funding campaigns.
When is the start of the pre-sale?
Our pre-sale was initiated on February 15th 2018.
How can I see my tokens?
To see the balance you must manually add the tokens to your wallet, MEW or MetaMask. When in MetaMask click on ‘add token’ and paste our contract address. To check your balance on MEW use this address:


Type in our symbol OTC and 18 decimals.
How to verify the contract address is correct?
Please click on clearify.io and paste the contract address that you’ve been provided with. The verification process will take place within seconds.
What is the pre-sale hard-cap?
It is 1500 ETH.
Is there a bonus for the pre-sale?
Yes, there is a 10% bonus until the end of the pre-sale (which ends on April 23rd).
What is the total token supply?
The total token supply is 100 million OTC tokens.
What is the OTC token used for?
The OTC token is used for report subscriptions; hiring experts on the platform; ordering specific content; paying fewer-to-no fees on the Otcrit exchange; receiving weekly reports in ETH, based on the company’s performance.
When does the pre-sale end?
The pre-sale is active until the 23rd of April 2018.
When is the main Token Sale?
The main token sale will be announced very soon on our website and all official social media channels.
Where can I find your roadmap?
You can find our roadmap at the bottom of our website’s main page or visit
Who can participate in your token sale?
Everyone, with the exception of citizens from the US, Singapore, the People’s Republic of China and Belize.
Where is your company based?
We are an European startup founded in Sofia, Bulgaria.
How can I contact you?
For any work-related inquiries use [email protected]

For any general questions join https://t.me/OtcritPlatform

For any bounty questions write us at [email protected] or https://t.me/OtcritBounty