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This is Otcrit Ex
Trade top digital assets with long-term adoption potential
Trade and invest in only top digital assets researched by our team that have real adoption potential and long-term value. Our missing is to provide users with coins and tokens issued by solid companies with active development and strong business case.
Traders and
Trade top digital assets with long-term adoption potential
Regular reports about all assets on the platform
Our customers will receive professional information about all listed assets and stay informed about the project's progress and development stage. Information is the key element for successful trading or investment decisions and we understand how important that is.
Dollars Traded
Regular reports about all assets on the platform
Strict listing rules on the Otcrit Ex
Every company that has issued digital assets will go over an extended due diligence. It will include analyses of their Whitepaper, business plan, idea, development progress, industry, legal framework evaluation, etc. Our team will give a precise answer to why we have decided to list their assets and why we see a potential in them.
New Startups
Each Month
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Strict listing rules on the Otcrit Ex
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Ethereum rewards Ethereum rewards
Ethereum rewards
Our OTC token holders will receive a part of all collected fees on the exchange distributed to everyone in Ethereum on a weekly basis.
Fees algorithm Fees algorithm
Fees algorithm
Otcrit Ex will provide our customers with many ways to pay little-to-no fees by using our token and completing tasks on the platform.
Over-the-counter Over-the-counter
Our users will be able to enjoy OTC trading for various altcoins and be able to buy and sell them without influencing the order books.
Cashback Cashback
Our referral program is another way to pay less and get back some of the fees you paid just by inviting more people to join Otcrit Ex.
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Commissions for listed projects
We are the first exchange to share its revenue with all companies we work with and give back a share of the fees collected from their trading pairs.
Fiat currency overlay
Made for people new to bitcoin and to the whole cryptocurrency market that will help them better understand the actual fiat currency value of all assets.
Great User experience
Our mission is to provide easy to use platform with advanced features for experienced traders and basic mode for newcomers to this industry.
Your cryptocurrency exchange
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OTC Tokens OTC Tokens
OTC Tokens
Trade, Use on the platform, or Hold OTC and get weekly rewards.
Bitcoin Bitcoin
Use Bitcoin to invest in other promising projects with our help.
Altcoins Altcoins
Only researched and high potential digital assets on the Otcrit Ex.