Otcrit research guidelines
Our guidelines
General rules and guidelines
General rules
We believe that more advanced practices of research in the cryptocurrency market will boost its integrity, transparency, and trust by all investors. Otcrit is dedicated to meeting the growing research and quality information needs of those engaged in the field.

Our team strongly encourages compliance by all users on the platform. These guidelines were created to improve the efficiency and objectivity of the research done for the cryptocurrency market. They will continue to change to always stay up to date with the latest standards and trends.

In order to make good investment decisions and allocate their capital properly, investors need crypto analysts to offer information in a fair and objective fashion.

Reports created for and paid by Otcrit should not be published anywhere else without our consent.
Grammar and writing guidelines
Writing a good, informational, and easy to read content is not an easy task. To avoid any misinterpretations of your writing, please, refer to our guidelines.

a) Create short paragraphs – not more than 8 to 10 straight to the point sentences.

b) Always try to write clear and short sentences, up to 25 words.

c) Even native speakers often do mistakes while writing. For English, we strongly recommend

d) Avoid repeating yourself. Readers enjoy short, simple, and useful research that they can learn from.

e) Always include Table Of Contents.

f) Include references at the end of your paper.

g) Create a short title that captures the reader’s attention and summarizes your content in a few words.

h) Include more links in your papers. For example, if you have mentioned Hyperledger you can add a link to their website.

i) Use our .docx template to make sure all our reports have the same styles, link to our website, and are recognizable. Save the final result in a .pdf file.
General Research Rules
a) Always state if you hold shares of these project’s digital assets or if you are currently or have been involved with them in any way. Any endorsements must also be disclosed.

b) Produce objective research and recommendations supported by accurate and appropriate investigations.

c) Differentiate between fact and opinion and ensure that the information in your reports is complete and understandable.

d) Don’t use your work or recommendations to manipulate in any way the market, third parties, or other individuals

e) Have an open conversation with token issuers when you feel this would improve your work. This will allow you to better understand their products and services.

f) Avoid unrealistic price predictions. Ex: If a token has been trading for less than one year, no one can predict its price for the next 3 to 5 years.

g) Write your report summary after you have completed your paper.

h) You should never blindly copy someone else's work and use it in your report. Quoting is okay when you mention the author. The point of these reports is that they represent your own unique point of view based on the research you have done.
Industry Analysis
Acknowledge if the team has a good understanding of how their industry works and if they have done an industry analysis themselves in their whitepaper or business plan. Investors are looking to be convinced that the business they are putting money in could be profitable in this space.

a) Industry Type
Define the industry the project is in. Is it a B2C or B2B business? Is it the first blockchain-oriented venture that is entering this industry?

b) Industry State
We must focus on the global industry that companies are trying to penetrate and not just on the crypto space they currently operate in. Whether it’s the tech or healthcare industry, analysts must take into account its potential, current state, challenges, and opportunities.

c) Industry forecast
Use existing financial data to forecast the industry growth for the next one to three years. Determine the market growth rate by looking into official data presented by other analysts and market research companies.

d) Industry Position
Is the company well positioned within that industry or at least in the crypto space? We understand that we are yet to see a blockchain project making a strong impact on a larger industry but we can focus on the possibilities of this happening. Focus on leaders, not on followers.

e) Business Aspect
Analysts must make sure to include if a business is profitable or how profitable can it become? It’s important to focus on facts, not opinions or speculations.
You can briefly mention what are the company’s management experience, its competitive position, and its scalability? How much does all of this depend on outside factors?
The quality of the business idea and factors mentioned above is what makes it profitable. This is one of the most important things investors should look at.

f) Industry Factors
What are the factors that may affect this industry and how much the company depends on this outside influence? Evaluate the project’s timing – is it too much ahead of its time?

g) Technology forecast
Explain what the technology currently used in this industry is, what the tech adoption is, and is it expected to evolve in the next couple of years.
The industry analysis is a very broad topic where you can focus on everything mentioned above but also think outside the box and include other factors that you believe are important.
Partnership Analysis
Having multiple partnerships with well-known businesses can boost a venture’s credibility and profits. Since it’s such an effective marketing tool, many project founders abuse it by exaggerating the extent of the business relationship that they have or even create such out of thin air.

a) Which are the company’s partners and are they well-known or startups on their own?

b) What is the form of these partnerships? They could be:

- Business conduct
- Equity (profits/losses share)
- Integration partnership
- Referral partnership
- Other

c) Investigate whether all their partnerships are legitimate by trying to find information on their partners’ websites or blogs or even by contacting the listed companies and people.

d) If they are truly collaborating, analyze how these partnerships can stimulate the project’s growth and the way this interrelationship can evolve in the future.

e) Are these distinct projects truly benefiting from the partnership or does it seem that they have been initiated merely as a marketing trick?

f) Are there any reports about scandals between the partners or any terminated professional relationships?

g) It is important that the company and their partners are in the same industry. A healthcare project may not benefit a lot from partnering with a car manufacturer.

h) Are there any disadvantages of the initiated partnerships?

i) Does the Business plan/Whitepaper include a significant market penetration thanks to the established partnerships? How much does the project rely on them?