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Trade with information

The Otcrit Platform is a place where our team and community contributors will try to give our best to provide our users and readers with objective and detailed information about projects in the blockchain space. We aim to educate, inform and help the community by providing a lot of informational content that should not be taken as an investment advice or recommendation. Use the information provided here at your own risk.

Otcrit Database
Any information and materials on our database come from many different sources, such as Google, Bitcointalk, Wikipedia, Forums, News outlets, Blogs, etc. We always double check the information we publish but mistakes do happen. We do not claim that the information on our platform is always accurate, complete or true, nor is Otcrit Ltd or any of its representatives, team members or advisors liable for any mistakes, errors or inaccurate information in our database or website.

Always do your own research
Our Platform is created to help investors, traders and reader better understand the cryptocurrency market and obtain valuable information about it. We have experts following strict inside rules when it comes to the content they issue on the platform but often we have the community members contributing for this as well. Many of them may not be completely honest or objective and may use fake names or be completely anonymous. Do consider the risks and do not blindly trust any information you see on our platform or anywhere else online.
Otcrit will always try to provide only the best possible content and objective reports but we can never control the system 100%. Our comment section may happen to have people who insult others, post spam or inappropriate content, share misleading information or investment advice. Please report such activities and do not trust them blindly.
Users who publish content in the “Community reports” section of our website must be treated as non-professional and inexperienced. Otcrit Ltd or any of its representatives, team members or advisors are not responsible how you deal with this information or what these reports and analyses include. Do NOT make any investment decision solely based on these materials, opinions, and content. You have full responsibility of your actions and you must use the information published on the Otcrit Platform only as a guide for doing your own research. Do NOT accept any private advice from users on our platform.
The Otcrit Platform does not aim to provide you with “tips”, “trade signals”, “hot coins”, “buy and sell recommendations” or advice you what to do with your money or where to invest. We only aim to help you with research and give the whole community a place where they can share knowledge and information. We strive for objectivity and transparency but cannot guarantee it. You are responsible for your own money and how you treat the information provided by us or our community.
The Otcrit Platform will not be responsible for any misleading information, errors in articles or postings, any malicious hyperlinks in the community reports or in the comments section. The Otcrit Platform will not be liable for any loss, issues, problems, stress or damage caused by our reader's reliance on any information on our website, social media channels or private groups. If you do not understand or agree to this, then you should NOT use our platform or services in any way.
Otcrit Ltd or any of its representatives, team members or advisors cannot guarantee the objectiveness, reliability or completeness of any information provided in the “Community reports” or the comment section of our platform. Hyperlinks should be avoided. Our moderators and proofreader will do their best to keep this space clean and safe but this is not what the Otcrit Company is about and users must understand that at some point it will be impossible to read all comments, check all links and read all messages on the platform.
Any website can be targeted by hackers, pump&dump promoters, scammers and people who will try to profit from the transparency and openness on our platform, as well as from the inexperienced user. Proceed with extra caution and always double check any links, emails and people you interact with.