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Our presale will issue 8.5% of the total supply with the intentions to use the collected funds for the expansion of the Otcrit team of developers and analysts, as well as finance our marketing strategy and legal costs.
The presale event will have the following rules:
1 ETH = 5000 + 10% bonus (500) = 5500 OTC

PRESALE ends on:
23rd of April 2018


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Welcome to Otcrit

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The platform

We are committed to helping everyone build a strong, balanced portfolio that can combat any market shift and volatility. Our customers will have everything they need, from quality information, to secure trading exchange in one place – The Otcrit Platform.

Reports and Analyses

Otcrit will give its subscribers access to professional investor-friendly reports for the projects they are interested in. The platform also gives less-experienced users the opportunity to acquire easy-to-understand material and not gamble with their money.


The Otcrit exchange will list only projects audited and evaluated by our research team and certified partners. We give users 3 ways to pay fewer to no fees while trading. This is possible by being active, by inviting friends and by using our tokens.

Trade with information




The Project

The biggest issue in the cryptocurrency market is the lack of transparency and authentic information. Researching a company could take days or weeks and the information is scattered all around the internet. People who have knowledge about the market, don’t have enough ways to profit from it and aren’t incentivized enough to delve into serious research. At the same time, exchanges neglect the fact that they often list tokens of projects that are unlikely to exist within the next few years and that shouldn't be in anyone's portfolio.

Our solution is to make everything easier, faster and more professional for the serious investors. Otcrit’s customers will have access to our own evaluations, as well as thousands of community expert reports and technical analyses. Independent publishers will have the chance to be rewarded for their thorough work and profit from the advertisement on the platform.

The Otcritex exchange will list projects which have been investigated by our experts and by the most established community analysts to make sure only genuine assets are being offered. We will constantly track all the projects’ development and update our reports in order to provide everyone with the latest information and trends. Launching an OTC marketplace on our exchange will allow investors to trade the most promising cryptocurrencies in greater quantities, without influencing their prices.





  • Assessment reports
  • Industry analyses
  • Competition analyses
  • Execution reports
  • Technical analyses
  • WP and BP analyses
  • Community reports
  • Founders analyses
  • PESTEL reports
  • Low-cap promising projects
  • “Beware” assets reports


  • Commissions for listed projects
  • Profit share with our token holders
  • Fiat currency overlay
  • OTC marketplace
  • ROI portfolio
  • Newsfeed
  • Reports integration
  • Alarms
  • Events calendar
  • Biometric authentication
  • Low to no fees

We understand how difficult it is to spend time following all the market changes and project developments that are necessary to make a good investment. This is why we strive to give not only in-depth assets analyses but also a different independent perspective that investors can rely on and profit from. Otcrit will be their personal investment advisor and portfolio manager they can reach anytime, anywhere.

Our customers will have everything they need, from quality information to secure trading exchange in one place – The Otcrit Platform. Some of the features mentioned above will truly benefit the users and blochckain organizations. Currently listing on most exchanges is very slow and it costs a fortune with no actual return on this investment. We will not charge for listing, but only for the audits that will show if a project is promising enough to be traded on our exchange and we'll share 5% of the profit with these transparent and legitimate companies.




Everyone will be able to publish their own findings and technical analyses regarding a certain project and be rewarded for doing so. We have created templates for each category with many guidelines that will help the authors be more objective and write reports that the community will appreciate. Other users will be able to comment and rate the analyses and the best authors with the highest ratings will have the opportunity to later sell their reports for OTC tokens. Users can also translate reports, hire experts or request reports from the community and pay them in OTC tokens. This way we will create a larger community that will benefit from the valuable information regularly published on our platform.

A share of the profit from sold community reports will be put into our monthly leaderboard where the top 10 community reports writers will share the tokens. As stated in our whitepaper all OTC token holders will be rewarded with 10% of the accumulated net profit from the trading fees on the Otcrit exchange and 10% from the profit we make from selling reports and subscriptions. Users who have the tokens on our exchange will also get their share without the need to move their holdings to a private wallet.

Otcrit [meaning] - 1. Transparent, open
2. Found, discovered.

Otcrit Platform Development Timeline

  • Q1 2018

  • Presale (15.02) & Platform launch

  • Level 2 Bounty Campaign

  • Hiring 10 More Experts

  • Q2 2018

  • Main Token Sale

  • Smart Contract Payments

  • Additional Platform Features

  • Q3 2018

  • Otcritex First Launch

  • OTC Marketplace

  • Ad Revenue Campaign

  • Q4 2018

  • Benchmarking Services

  • Fiat Trading License

  • Audio & Video Reports

  • 2019/2020

  • 50+ Employees & Team of Experts

  • DEX Research and Development

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